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Here are the most frequently asked questions about Kaluku Cottages and Bira. If you have any enquiries that are not covered in the FAQ below please contact us via our Enquiry Form.

Airport & Hotel Transfers

Question: Can you arrange a transfer from the airport to Kaluku Cottages?

Answer: Yes, we can arrange a transfer with a private air-conditioned charter car to pick you up from Makassar Airport (Sultan Hasanuddin International) or from your hotel in Maksassar. A transfer can also be arranged for your return trip at the end of your stay at Kaluku Cottages.

The rate for an Airport or Hotel Transfer is Rp900,000 per car, one-way.

Please note: Last minute transfers may not always be available, so to avoid disappointment, please ensure to book your transfer early.

Please contact us via our enquiry form to book an Airport or Hotel Transfer from Makassar to Kaluku Cottages.


Public Transport to Bira

Question: How do we get to Kaluku Cottages by public transport?

Answer: All public transport to Bira leaves from the Malengkeri Bus Terminal south of Makassar. Firstly, take either a taxi or a pete-pete to this terminal. From here, look for a "Toyota" Kijang, Innova or Avanza, or an "Isuzu" Panther car with yellow licence plates, that travels all the way through to Tanjung Bira. These "Bira cars" are more convenient and will usually bring you directly to Kaluku Cottages, if you tell them beforehand.

Be wary of drivers who try to convince you to stay at other hotels in Tanjung Bira, as they most likely receive commissions if they take their passengers to these hotels. Just tell your driver that you have booked a room at Kaluku Cottages and are not interested in looking at other hotels. Then ask them to take you to Kaluku Cottages as arranged.

Also be aware of cars that only go as far as the Bulukumba Terminal (over 40km's away), as public transport that continues on to Bira from Bulukumba often stops at around 3:00pm in the afternoon. You will then have to charter another car from Bulukumba to Bira, often at very inflated prices.


Rantepao to Bira

Question: Is there a direct bus from Rantepao in Tana Toraja to Bira?

Answer: No, unfortunately there is no direct bus from Tana Toraja to Bira. If you plan to use public transport you will need to return to Makassar first, and then continue your journey on to Tanjung Bira.

Several bus companies now run an overnight bus service which leaves Rantepao around 8pm and arrives in Makassar before 6am the following morning. Some of the better buses have an "Executive Class" with wider seats and wi-fi, and two of these companies are "Karisma" and "Prima Bintang". When your bus arrives in the morning we can arrange a transfer to pick you up directly from the bus terminal, or you can continue on to Bira with public transport.


Motorbike Hire

Question: Can we rent a motor bike in Tanjung Bira?

Answer: Yes, motor bikes are available for daily hire directly from our hotel (for our guests only). The rate is Rp75,000 per day. We can help you with any rentals you may require during your stay in Tanjung Bira.


Ojeks (Motorbike Taxis)

Question: Are there any taxis in Bira?

Answer: Yes, there are "ojek's" (motorcycle taxis) which are usually available around our hotel, but may need to be booked in advance.


Diving Information

Question: We plan to dive in Bira - can we stay with you and dive elsewhere?

Answer: Yes, Bira is a small village and there are a few dive shops operating here. There is a Dive Center just 200 meters from Kaluku Cottages, and some Dive Shops offer a free pick-up service directly from our hotel. We also rent motorbikes or can arrange an ojek to drop you off elsewhere.


Credit Cards & Foreign Currency

Question: Do you accept credit cards or foreign currency?

Answer: No, we do not accept credit cards or foreign currency. There are NO banks or money changers in Tanjung Bira, so we recommend changing foreign currency or travellers cheques at the airport or in Makassar before you leave for Bira.


ATM Machines

Question: Is there an ATM in Tanjung Bira?

Answer: Yes, there are now two ATM machines in Bira, and both are located near the entrance to Bira Harbour. They are Bank BNI & Bank BRI Atm's. The Bank BNI ATM accepts the following cards: Cirrus, Maestro MasterCard, Link, Visa, Visa Electron, Plus, ATM Bersama and iB.


Wi-Fi Access

Question: Is there wi-fi at Kaluku Cottages?

Answer: Yes, Wi-Fi is now available at Kaluku Cottages to help you stay connected! So if you want to check your Facebook or Twitter, read your emails, or book a flight, you can now do it all from the comfort of our beach hotel ('Fair Use Policy' applies).

Also, if you have a web-enabled smart phone, iPad or tablet and are using a local sim card, you should be able to connect using the 3G network.


Mobile Phone Coverage

Question: Is there good mobile phone coverage in Tanjung Bira?

Answer: The best local sim cards to use for both mobile phones and internet at Kaluku Cottages are usually Indosat Mentari/iM3 or Axiata XL sim cards. These two networks/sim cards have the best signal and coverage here at our hotel in Tanjung Bira.


Boat Hire

Question: Can we rent a boat in Bira to go snorkeling or island hopping?

Answer: Yes, we can arrange the charter of a local fishing boat for you to go fishing, snorkelling or island-hopping around Tanjung Bira. Popular places for a day trip are Liukang Island (Pulau Liukang) and Goat Island (Pulau Kambing). Snorkel equipment is usually available on the boat for hire.

We can also provide a take away lunch box for you to enjoy on your boat trip (please order in advance).


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